Terms and Conditions

Everest Driving School

Before undertaking any driving lessons with your instructor you must be in agreement with their terms and conditions.

You must supply us with a driving licence check code before any course begins, you can get your code here.


All tuition must be paid for in advance by agreed means, this can include a bank transfer.  This payment must be completed before any tuition can take place.

You must always ensure that you are fit to drive a car and not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs (prescribed medication also applies)

You must have a valid provisional licence or another licence to allow you to drive a car.

You must always give at least 72 hours notice to cancel or change either a semi-intensive or intensive course and 48 hours to cancel a standard driving lesson – the instructor reserves the right to charge a full or partial fee for any infringements.

You must not attempt to use a mobile phone during your lesson and all phones should be in silent mode during your lessons.

Refunds, all refunds for unused or block bookings are all entirely down to the discretion of your instructor.

Complaints should always be taken up with your own driving instructor to help resolve any issues should they occur.

The instructor reserves the right to withhold the use of their car for a driving test.

The instructor is not responsible for any tests cancelled by the DVSA or any out of pocket expenses.

The instructor reserves the right to cancel or terminate any lesson in progress if safety is at risk.

The instructor reserves the right to cancel or postpone any lessons in the event of breakdowns, or any other operational issues.

Neither the driving school nor the driving instructors offer a pass guarantee, although we will always do our best to ensure are students are ready for their driving test.